About Me

My name is Ana and I’m a storyteller based in Warsaw, Poland and Strasbourg, France.

I come from a theatrical family, being a fourth-generation artist.

I was educated for the stage, but I quickly moved to filmmaking, as well as writing and producing for TV broadcasters and Internet clients.

I started working when I was 18, and since then I’ve been writing, directing, editing and producing various types of content: documentary films, television series, reality shows, digital stories, reportages.

Today, I’m an independent filmmaker and a senior level audiovisual producer with great passion for real human stories.

My most time-consuming passions are documentaries, interactive stories, and football.

If you’d like to collaborate on a project, consult an idea or simply say hello, please contact me at ana.brzezinska@gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter @leni_lennox to fight me on whether Jose Mourinho is the best manager in the world.



  • BIO

    Film director and media producer. Her first film was a Polish-Belgian documentary “I Want (No) Reality” on famous avant-garde theatre group – Needcompany. Ana is an experienced audiovisual producer working for many years for ITI Media Group – the largest private broadcaster in Poland. Currently she works as an independent Director & Producer on transmedia projects: “The Future of Forever” (doc/ VR/ game) and “Crossed-Out Warsaw” (VR/ doc/ AR).
    Ana travels the world as a digital media & VR expert and enthusiast. She is one of the media consultants for The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland, as well as other public institutions and private companies. She is also a successful author of reportages and a book translator. Football is her biggest passion.

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  • Creative Producer & TV Director: TVN (SNI)

    SINCE 2017

    HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel – producing and directing new formats

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  • Documentary Filmmaker: Unlimited Film Operations

    SINCE 2015

    Writing, producing and directing non-fiction films, VR and transmedia projects

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“VR: a machine that produces empathy” [PL readers only]

Mój tekst o wirtualnej rzeczywistości: “Pesymista powie, że będzie tak, jak w serialu ”Black Mirror” i przestaniemy rozróżniać grę od życia. Optymista powie, że kiedyś ludzie bali się pociągu na ekranie kina, lecz szybko się przyzwyczaili – mówi Alexander Knetig, szef ARTE Creative. Czy zapragniemy powrotu do dawnego świata, czy wręcz przeciwnie – szybko przystosujemy …

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