I’m a storyteller and senior producer with over 15 years experience.

I come from a theatrical family, being
a fourth-generation artist.

what i do

VR/AR development & production, immersive events, 2D storytelling (film, TV & web), digital literacy, project mentoring, public speaking



Ana is Head of Studio at Kaleidoscope, an immersive production studio playing a central role in the artistic renaissance of virtual reality. Partnering with Museum of Other Realities, Kaleidoscope has been on the bleeding edge of virtual event production, co-creating a number of immersive gatherings including the biggest VR exhibition in virtual reality at Cannes XR/Marché du Film, a first virtual fashion show with RYOT/Verizon Media, and a first national collection of immersive art with Digital Catapult/UKRI. With a commitment to creative exploration, Kaleidoscope has produced some of the industry’s most groundbreaking work including the animated VR film BATTLESCAR, starring Rosario Dawson, and the VR series SPHERES, starring Jessica Chastain and Patti Smith and executive produced by Darren Aronofsky. Kaleidoscope has also helped creators raise more than $34MM for original projects including the first seven-figure deal for a VR film at Sundance.

Ana serves as an expert to European funds, NGO and cultural institutions. She has taught in academia, authored publications, and presented as invited speaker at conferences and events world-wide. In 2020 she worked on a year-long study on ethical risks in XR. From 2012 to 2018 she was a producer and director for TVN Discovery Group. She joined Discovery after many years at the cultural sector (Grand Theatre – Polish National Opera).

Ana’s film and VR projects have been presented and awarded at Hot Docs Forum in Toronto, Venice Production Bridge at Biennale di Venezia, Cross Video Days in Paris, and acquired by Canal+ and Polish National Television. She holds a Master’s Degree in Drama Directing, and is a Documentary Campus Masterschool & EURODOC alumna.


Icel. — peter’s daughter

petersdottir media

A creative initiative that focuses on digital storytelling:
from high-end audiovisual productions (film & TV), immersive and interactive experiences (VR/AR), to marketing strategies and digital literacy.

petersdottir media

A creative initiative that focuses on digital storytelling — 
from high-end audiovisual productions (film & TV), immersive experiences (VR/AR), to marketing strategies and digital literacy.

“She had spent her career attempting to make contact with the most remote and alien of strangers, while in her own life she had made contact with hardly anyone at all.” ― Carl Sagan